How We Are Different


We Are App Marketers Too

We’re app marketers so we understand what you need. We work with many indie app developers and also marketers to improve for you.


Mobile Monetization Tools

Our NSi-SDK (iTune Store compliant) uses the powerful Ad Units of Interstitial Ad that appears as a “nag screen”. We also offer an alternative Android app store SDK (NSA-SDK) in the near future.


Proprietary Software

We have our own proprietary software built to scale. We handle thousands of impressions & clicks for many indie IOS app developers in the industry. As of today, we’re the first company that provide this service, allowing app developers to increase their app revenue by using nag screens.


Choose Your Own Offer

Use to promote any offer you wish. You’re no longer forced to promote ad networks to monetize your app. Be an affiliate offer, your other apps, Amazon affiliate program, your own product, you can promote anything you like! Get started today.


Our Platform Is 100% Free is develop to help indie app developers and marketers. It’s 100% free to use our platform to create and manage nag screens in your app.


Real People, Real Support

We’re here to support you. We’re a team of app marketers and developers. We’re available 9AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday. Just contact us if you need help.

Advertise . Monetize . Maximize .

Whether it is driving app downloads, increasing brand engagement, or monetizing your app, we can help you do it all.

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Mobile Monetization Arsenal

Currently, we’re offering the IOS SDK that is designed for apps that are distributed in iTune AppStore. Later on, we’ll be releasing the NSA-SDK is for apps distributing on Google Play Android app markets. The iTune AppStore compliant version of the NSi-SDK offer your users a closeable full-page entrance advertisement on the app open.



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NagScreen is made up of a passionate team of industry experts.
We want to help you to monetize your app and control your own advertising media.

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